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Our vision at Beelife.org is to see a UK rich in native Bees and Bumblebees, valued by all.

We want to promote and improve gardening across our towns, cities and countryside. Getting people engaged with wildlife, inspire our communities to take action and help increase the quality and quantity of habitats for honeybees and other pollinators.

Join us to explore which species visit your gardens and allotments, and discover which flowers are a bee’s favourite.

Raising Awareness for the Bees!

These creatures are facing habitat loss at a rapid pace due to construction and global warming. Providing a bug and insect home in your garden is a good start, but we need to preserve the bees’ natural home, too.

Wild bees use hollow trees for their nests, so with more construction and tearing down trees, there are fewer natural places for bees to make their home. Plus, wildflower meadows and flowering plants are declining in the UK, which means less food in the wild for bees to find and pollinate!

Climate change brought on by global warming messes with bees’ instincts as well. Their innate biology gets thrown off, disrupting their nesting behaviour. With flowers blooming earlier than expected, bees miss opportunities to pollinate too.

Although there’s been damage to the bees’ natural habitat and ecosystem, we can still work together to keep bees alive and buzzing.

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