Why Are Bees Important?

Why bees are important

The importance of bees has not been brought to our attention enough in the past few years. Did you know there are over 20,000 different bee species in the world? There are 270 different types in the UK alone! With so much diversity, the bee population is irreplaceable in the ecosystem. But why are bees … Read more

Celebrate Bee Week

Did you know that 90% of all our bees are solitary? No? Well, that’s the point of Bee Week! The week is dedicated to raising awareness of solitary bees — including how we can help them to thrive and prevent them from declining further. Taking Action to Save Our Bees Throughout the week (29th June … Read more

Bees in Winter – The What, When and How

Bees in winter

The spring and summer months bring about the familiar noise of the buzzing bees and the sight of those fuzzies on every flower in the vicinity. But, what happens when the wintertime rolls around? Where do they go? What do they eat? All of these burning bees in winter questions are about to be answered! … Read more

Why Do Bees Make Honey

Bees and Honey

One question that you may have had on your mind is, why do bees make honey? It’s something that we have all wondered at some point. We have seen bees flying about and pollinating flowers. They go to their beehive to make honey. But what is the natural purpose of this? Also, are we harming … Read more