Do Bees Like Prunella Vulgaris (Self-Heal)

The Self Heal plant is a fantastic flower that is easy to grow and great for rejuvenating our dwindling bee population. As is for any flower, it is vital to know where and how to grow these plants to get the best results.  

The best way to grow Self Heal plants for bees is by placing them in full sun or partial sun locations with moist neutral soils. The plants are durable perennial plants that thrive well in gardens or the wild.

What is Prunella Vulgaris

The Prunella Vulgaris (AKA Self Heal Plant) is a full-hardy perennial that blooms from June to September. It is a beautiful leafy plant with violet-blue spikey flowers (even pink or white at times) that fill your garden with colour and even healing properties.

This plant is grown worldwide and has been used for its natural healing abilities for centuries. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant makeup, you will often hear of this plant being used as an agent to heal wounds or cure sore, infected throats.

Prunella Vulgaris

Do Bees Like Prunella Vulgaris?

The Prunella Vulgaris is a top-choice wildflower for bees and a favourite amongst pollinators. You will often see solitary bees, different types of bumblebees (mainly short-tongue), and honey bees hanging around bee-friendly gardens, including the Prunella Vulgaris.

Bumblebees and all UK bees, in general, are attracted to this flower because of the sweet nectar it produces in ample amounts.

Bee-bomb packs

The prunella Vulgaris is a popular flower oftentimes found in bee-bomb packs. These “bombs” are used to fill your garden or open fields with bees and beautifully coloured foliage. And are ideal for re-establishing the diminishing bee population. 

A bee bomb is a ball of clay packed full of flower seeds that ideally attract bees and give them an environment to live and thrive in. These bombs are stuffed with flower seeds including Self Heal (Prunella Vugarus), giving the pollinating population a safe place to live and grow.

How to Grow Prunella Vulgaris?

Prunella Vulgaris thrive best in full sun but does well in partially shaded spaces and well-draining soil. 

If you are growing your Prunella Vulgaris from seeds, you will want to sow in late fall, placing them just below the soil’s surface and keeping them moist until they start to germinate, and then watering them frequently until they begin to bloom.

You can also start your seeds indoors, placing them in planters about eight to ten weeks before they can go into the ground in the spring. 

If you are growing your Self Heal plant with bulbs, You will want to dig a hole deep enough to cover the bulb entirely and wide enough to give it enough space to grow and take root. Cover the soil with around 2-inches of mulch for proper drainage and water your plant frequently until it starts to bloom.

You should fertilize your plant in early spring and then again in the summer. You will also want to sheer off the flower heads as they start to fade to promote reblooming.

Where Can I Buy Prunella Vulgaris? 

If you are on the market for Prunella Vulgaris or the infamous “Self Heal” plant, you should consider visiting Crocus for a great selection of this fantastic bee-friendly plant.

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